Free 3D 80s Text Effect

This is a Free 3D 80s Text Effect is a text effect template for Photoshop to apply an awesome retro text effect to your letters and graphics. Are you ready to take back to the 80’s? The period we still hear the sounds of its discos, we see its vivid colors, the nostalgia of video games, our beloved rockstars and etc… Please welcome the masterly created 3D 80s Text Effect. If you want to travel in time just type your text and apply this text style then seat back and relax, your beautiful 80s text is ready. This text effect works best on flyers, logos, movie titles, Facebook timelines, and etc… The free psd file is created and provided by Hyperpix and can be downloaded for free. It can be used for free and commercial use.

Graphic Ghost - Free 3D 80s Text Effect

File Format(s): .psd
File Size: 68.8 MB


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